Man down! Man down!

First billmon closes up shop (again… but you’ll be back!) and now Berube augers in.

The dynamics of the ebb and flow of blogging are interesting. The demands of always having something to say about whatever it is that is most cutting edge can be draining. Which is why you have so much burnout and turnover. From my experience (and I’ve been doing this since 1997), it’s best to just go fallow for a bit and post when you feel like it. After all, it’s not like the site is going anywhere. If you make grandiose proclamations and farewells… you’re kind of stuck. If you come back, it will have been like staging your own funeral or eleventieth birthday party only to show up at the next summer’s barbecue wearing a hawaiian shirt and birkenstocks.

And no one likes birkenstocks. Except those freaks who wear them. *shudder*

Come on back anytime, billmon and Berube. Our door’s always open. Oh, and someone light a candle for Greenwald. He’s burning his candle at both ends. Would hate to see him end up like JoplinMoonHendrixMorrison. No, really.