Once more into the breach

It’s about that time again…
Once More into the breach

Just to prep for my trip to TX. The two orange ones are my current co-lead favs and need to be strung. In addition to these 6, I have 2 more that need a redo so I can better judge the quality, but I’m going to play those out a bit more until I don’t feel like a jackass cutting out super nice strings (gut and poly) that I just happened to string at too low of a tension. I know, I know, sunk cost and all… wev.

Update: done!
Once more ... done

Side note: somehow the pumpkin racquets (the orange ones below) are amazingly heavy. I never noticed before, and I love the racquets, but they’re actually heavier than the notoriously heavy K90 (the Sampras/Federer racquet… well, public versions. There’s a public new “Sampras” racquet that is actually heavier but I digress). Anyway, truly a racquet for a beast. A beast like ME.