Been a while, so … feel the POWA


Love gut explosions. These strings were what I was using when The Magic Night happened (a tennis Magic Night of Sublime Awesomeness, not one of those romantic Magic Nights). Yes, I will be using this setup again.

Main: Tecnifibre Black Code @ 52
Cross: Gaucho gut @ 55

After a loooong time between breaks (winter has cramped my schedule), I broke 3 in one day. The other two looked pretty pedestrian, so no need to display.

Side note: taking off the headtape on one of the other racquets took off the graphics with it. Boo in that cheapass decals come off/aren’t underneath a layer of lacquer and boo that its resale value was just trashed, but yay in that the graphics just became much less embarrassing. Don’t quite know how to feel about that one.