Everything old is new again. No, wait. There’s nothing new.

I was just thinking about how terrible of a person I was for no longer doing long-form posts, having Deep Thoughts, linking to articles (let alone quoting or dissecting in a scholarly-yet-aggressively-unacceptable way) and such. You know, like we used to do in the old days.

Then I remembered that writing is hard and no one reads anymore. Not just books or newspapers, but anything longer than 140ish characters or so. And writing them is even harder than reading them. And then I made myself feel better by looking back at my early posts circa 2002 and realizing they were little better than tweets then anyway (the 2003-6 period is my heyday of long-form, fueled by general life dissatisfaction, ample time, and the outrages of the worst president in US history).

It was then that I realized – this domain is a fuckin teenager now – I’ve owned this domain for more than 15 years. I wrote my own publishing/protoblogging software by hand for this site and released much of its current form more than 10 years ago. Holy shit! Holy shit… I’m old!

Now that we’ve gotten past the brunch at the old timer’s gathering, I’m going to try to do more long form topics as time (and desire) permit, but no promises. I definitely have a whole bunch of additions to the Pearls of Wisdoms/grumps section because, hey, who isn’t fucking annoyed by people with no apparent physical issues who take the elevator to go up one goddamn flight of stairs?!? amirite?

OK, then.

Rock On