Everything old is new again. No, wait. There’s nothing new.

I was just thinking about how terrible of a person I was for no longer doing long-form posts, having Deep Thoughts, linking to articles (let alone quoting or dissecting in a scholarly-yet-aggressively-unacceptable way) and such. You know, like we used to do in the old days.

Then I remembered that writing is hard and no one reads anymore. Not just books or newspapers, but anything longer than 140ish characters or so. And writing them is even harder than reading them. And then I made myself feel better by looking back at my early posts circa 2002 and realizing they were little better than tweets then anyway (the 2003-6 period is my heyday of long-form, fueled by general life dissatisfaction, ample time, and the outrages of the worst president in US history).

It was then that I realized – this domain is a fuckin teenager now – I’ve owned this domain for more than 15 years. I wrote my own publishing/protoblogging software by hand for this site and released much of its current form more than 10 years ago. Holy shit! Holy shit… I’m old!

Now that we’ve gotten past the brunch at the old timer’s gathering, I’m going to try to do more long form topics as time (and desire) permit, but no promises. I definitely have a whole bunch of additions to the Pearls of Wisdoms/grumps section because, hey, who isn’t fucking annoyed by people with no apparent physical issues who take the elevator to go up one goddamn flight of stairs?!? amirite?

OK, then.

Rock On

Web hosting, anyone?

If you’re in the market for some webhosting, and enjoy getting a great deal, consider signing up with Bluehost (my hosting company). $6.95/mo with tons of space and domain options. Can’t say I’ve been disappointed.

Best part is if you sign up through me, *I* get a little lurve from them, which makes it easier for me to keep on blogging. Woo.


Oh, the irony

Remember how I moved CMo hosting out of my house and onto dedicated hosts because my power kept going out and the infrastructure here is poor?

Message from my host:

This evening (July 14th) from about 5:25pm-6:55pm many of our servers were offline causing significant downtime for many of our users. The outage was due to a severe power outage in the north end of Orem, Utah where our servers are located. We do have UPS backup as well as diesel generators, but at about 5:30 they finally gave out. The power outage was for much longer than that period of time, but the reserve power was eventually consumed in its entirety.


Tomorrow is Grumpasaurus day

I’m going to be moving my non-personal blogging operations (you know, the fun and interesting stuff) to Grumpasaurus.com, starting tomorrow.

I’ll be keeping Grumpy somewhat anonymous, what with not porting any of the existing CMo content over and no links back and all that (any authors here are, of course, more than welcome to post over there, but you’ll have to reregister). Other than that, the content should be exactly the same high quality wedgepadrille-hating, fucked to death by a horse-having, humor friday guy. There might, might I say, be some politics and such discussed over there as well. You know, that icky stuff non-pop culture crap that is such a bore.

There are a few reasons for this, not the least of which is the increasing amount of deleterious real life consequences for people saying things like “fuck” or holding opinions contrary to the desires of the administration and the rest of the rabid bigotsphere. The new site will also provide the same cover to the other authors here who aren’t already using psuedonyms. The move also separates the news and the non-news; most successful sites have an overarching theme. I still won’t have that, but at least I won’t be mixing in boring ass life updates. Finally, “Grumpasaurus” is kind of fun. It’ll be a nice change of pace.

The goal isn’t so much anonymity as it is to raise the bar enough to deter the non-dedicated kooks from sending dead rats wrapped in rebel flags to my door. Any sort of real digging will turn my real name and address up, but at least it will only be the real haters coming my way.

The new site is obviously still a work in progress, as I work out the visual kinks and sections and whatnot. One of the major ways the new web has changed from the early days is that the appearance of the site itself has decreased in importance. Everyone can have sweet looking sites with only a little bit of work. And I can promise you – I guarantee you that I will do a VERY little bit of work on the visuals.

I rarely go to actual sites anymore and just read the RSS feeds. I think the rest of the world is moving this way as well. If you, too, are a feed eater, you’ll want to add the Grumpasaurus post feed and the comment feed to your reader of choice.

This is still a small site, but as we’re up to over 1200 uniques/day, it’s now or never. I thank you, dear readers (and the 40-something various feed subscribers), and apologize for any inconvenience.


New site for the non-me stuff: Grumpasaurus.com
New feed
New comment feed


I’ve turned on bandwidth leech protection here at the new server. Now that I have to pay for bandwidth over X amount, and from current run rates it looks like X amount is within reach, I figured it was the prudent move.

Being the communitarian that I am, this decision leaves me a little torn. Then again, all those teenagers on myspace hoovering my bandwidth for the FU baby can suck it.

Don't steal bandwidth

BH’s implementation isn’t the greatest (you have to refer to the server it’s hosted on rather than your own domain name, and the redirect link does not appear to work and the blocking seems intermittent, though it could be a cache issue on my side)… but it seems good enough in general. The BH implementation also overwrites my WordPress .htaccess file, so I have to rebuild the .htaccess file every time I add a new domain.

Webmasters with special needs can contact me if they want some hot lovin’ linkin’ action

So I ordered cable again

The infrastructure here was just too shitty and these DSL speeds sucked for the amount I was paying. CMoore.com will be moving to a new host this weekend, and you should notice quicker response and no downtime.

Me? I’ll be getting dumber by the minute and caring about who wins this year’s So You Want to be a Plumber? show.

The World Cup was the deciding factor. Love the World Cup.

Third world infrastructure

Apparently, the signal strength to my home is abysmal (read: much noise, packet loss on the line). This is the reason for the slowdowns and absence of the server. Probably also the voice quality for those of you complaining about my phone quality. Maybe there’s something that can be done, maybe not. We’ll find out more tonight after some tests.

Sounds like some sort of medical procedure, no?

In any event, as soon as my contract is up, I’ll be moving this site to a dedicated hoster and switching ISPs. I may even go for cable + broadband, since that will get me the fast download speeds that I want and I won’t have to worry about running a server. Then again, fuck the cable companies. I’ll see what kind of deal I can get on a Working Assets land line + DSL package from a local ISP v. the cost of monopoly cable + broadband. It’s got to be cheaper than the $150/mo I’m paying now for this crapfest.

Sorry for not posting

Bunch of work + splitting headache + inheriting my first keeper league team == Chris ignores the blog.

This keeper league thing is going to be a trial, I can tell. Only 6 free transactions (the rest have to be due to trade, demotion, or death!). Six! It’s the anti-tinkerer league. Plus, my team isn’t all that hot and I’ll be losing Ben Sheets to free agency. Boo.

It’s a strange, strange world, when Victor Diaz may possibly be worth keeping at $10 and Aurilia was worth picking up at $8. For now, my keepers are Oswalt ($37), Wagner ($32), Berkman ($27), Kent ($29), Reitsma ($6), and possibly C. Floyd ($25). This leaves one possible keeper spot and the remainder cash (out of $260) to fill the rest ofmy roster out. Yuck.

Still, the winner gets $1500, and I’m going to be competitive even with a no-stick inherited team. Next year and the year after begins my 1960s-era Yankee like domination. This year, I just want to make 4th or better.

We’re tagging, oh yeah

I’ve implemented tags for this here blog. They’ll be an adjunt to the categories, but I predict the tags will take over as the major way to get around at some point in the not-too-distant-future.

As soon as I get a few posts with some tags, I’ll turn the del.icio.us/flickr-esque tag cloud over there on the left under Search.

We’ll see. And if it doesn’t work for us? Hey, we’ll just turn ’em off.

Upgrading to WP 2.0 shortly

if you come to visit and everything’s broken… that’s why.

… of course, if everything’s broken you won’t be able to read this now, will you. Hmm. Need to work on that “logic” thing.

Update: that was easy. Authors, you’ll notice a pretty significant change on post writing. This WYSIWYG thing will take a bit of getting used to, for sure. The code for the AJAX/WYSIWYG display is slower on my machine too. Hmm. Hope you know the keyboard shortcuts for your formatting, because you’re going to need them (ctrl+b, ctrl+i, etc.). I’ll have to look into that.

Update Update: nm. turned off the WYSIWYG default for now. Too slow and annoying. This eliminates the resizable text entry field, though. If you want it, you can turn it on in your user options page under Site Admin. One useful thing is to turn it on and then look at the help file for the keyboard shortcuts.  The shortcuts are the way to go. The same ones work regardless of which editor you are using.

Oh, and before you get excited, uploads are disabled. Nothing worse than a 5Gb database filled with pictures. I could be persuaded otherwise, however, if you feel that such functionality would fill a need (that, say, couldn’t be addressed by getting publish rights to my gallery or something.

Update^3: overall performance is definitely slower, though I can’t think of a reason why that should be. It could be a client issue, as I have 12 tabs open right now and am burning a DVD (actually, it’s verifying the DVD, which could explain it). Still, that’s not an atypical situation for me, but the site response is. Let me know if the site is slower for you as well.


Minor little bit of wind and the fucking power goes out. This is twice in two months now.

And here I thought I was living in civilization. Stupid fuckin trees. It’s probably a conspiracy by the power workers to get some easy overtime. Yeah, that’s it.

Damn, it’s boring with no power.

Server shutdown commencing in 5 minutes before the battery backup runs out of juice.

Update: two hours later, the power came on. I ask you this, fellow travellers… what the hell is the point of having a gas oven and gas range if the temperature controls and igniters are electrically controlled? To quote Howard Dean: nyeeeaaahhh!

Done for now… I think

I made the sidebar darker (ht, Chartoo), got rid of the nasty robin’s egg blue for the content (it’s a slightly yellow white now) and changed a few other things around a bit. Let me know what you think of the new look, but I’m pretty happy with it for now.

Okay… we’re pretty much done here

Site seems to be working and looking pretty good in Firefox. There’s still something going on with the CSS in that piece of shit browser that has 75%+ market share (otherwise known as IE), which is adding list items where there shouldn’t be any, and pushing the entire thing down if I turn on the calendar. Grr. I can figure it out eventually, but it’s late, so I’m going to bed.

Also, for whatever reason, the address bar in Firefox 1.5 does not update with “http://cmoore.com/” when you click on the root. Sub-pages and categories work, just not the root URI. That part works in IE though. I’ve noticed this behavior on a few other sites.

The formatting is pretty hosed on the pages too (like the $$hop @ Cmo, etc.). I’ll have to re-examine the CSS for why I’m getting no whitespace.

Because I know someone is going to ask, the chinese characters at the top is an idiom – da qi wan cheng… great minds mature slowly. That’s my excuse for finding the shocker so darn funny, and I’m sticking to it.

Comments and feedback on the new look welcomed.