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Green Apple Quick Step (1991-98)


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  • Band Members

    Band History and Biographies

    (as I know it)

    2001 Note:  Green Apple Quickstep disbanded, unfortunately, somewhere around 1998. Much of the following was originally written sometime in late 1995 or early 1996. Postscripts will be marked as such.

    Green Apple Quickstep ("GAQS") is a five piece band hailing from Tacoma, WA (they attended Stadium HS, for those who know the region). They are on the Medicine Label (distributed by Warner Brothers) and are currently getting a hard push to become the next BIG thing (I hope they do become wildly successful; it would prove my taste in music is superb =). However, it would be a shame not to be able to see them anymore in some small, sleazy bar that only fits 50 people.)


    GAQS was either dropped from or left the Medicine label after Reloadedand wound up at Sony/Columbia. Immediately before the release of what was to have been their third album, something happened and the band broke up. I have heard everything from they decided not to release the record, to GAQS deciding to break their contract at the last minute, to Sony/Columbia pulling the plug. My gut reaction is that the band broke up and terminated the contract. I have a copy of New Disaster (the would-have-been third album), and while it was probably not something that was going to set the world on fire, it is quite a good album (and I'm speaking objectively). The production is professional, the songs are definitely genre-acceptable, and there were quite a few possible singles (one of which, Kid actually was released to the press, cd houses, and included on the soundtrack for I Know What You Did Last Summer.

    Sometime after Reloaded, Dan Klempthorne and Bob Martin left or where dropped from the band. I do not know the names of their replacements although I think one drummer (looks different than the one I saw live) was Jarrod Kaplan.

    Hey, this is cool to know (just found out)... they actually made a video for Kid. Apparently Sarah Michelle Gellar was in it. Whoopdeedo. I obviously need a video source since I can't stand that dreck they put on MTV and VH-1 (I like BET more, but I need more variety). That brings the number of videos of which I am aware to 2 (the other being Dirty Water Ocean).

    Another funny thing of note: check out this biography, translated from the Italian.

    In any event, the band is no longer with us. Even though reviewers and some angst-ridden, shitty-ass, ex-Seattlite-cum-ivy-leaguers generally dismissed the band, I found - and find - them much more compelling than the typical pap that is put out on the airwaves. And put on CD. Oh, and I fit the angst-...-leaguers part too, except for the band dismissal.

    Current Status

    My information here is particularly spotty. Nevertheless...

    Ty Willman:

  • Ty Willman, and the last thing I know that he did was his EP using the band name of Calm Down Juanita (the EP is not bad, a little kookie, very much Ty. Which I got from loosegroove records... which apparently has been shut down since Stone wanted to concentrate on Pearl Jam. That bastard.)
  • The Hullabees. Never heard 'em, never seen 'em. But it has a cast of characters that I like (members from Sybil Vane, GAQS, and Sweetwater). Can't find much information about them.
  • (new 20011104): Ty is a guest vocalist on three tracks of Stone Gossard's solo album Bayleaf
  • Steve Ross:

  • Steve Ross, last I heard was playing in the Ya Yas. Here's one link I found (with pics, Steve is the one with the cream Les Paul).
  • Factoids

  • They were known as "Inspector Luv & the Ride Me Babies until 1992"
  • GAQS Music

    Their music is a mix of psychedelia, rock, blues, and groove. They rock hard with the best, fill the air with sound so thick you can grab it, and have a groove a mile deep. The lyrics are a bit esoteric but quite often profound. The band also has a wicked (if sometimes sophomoric) sense of humor; their name is an euphemism for diahrrea (if you eat green apples, you do the quickstep to the bathroom), and Ty is still waiting for aliens to come pick him up, and one of their new songs on Reloaded is an ode to saddle shoes.

    I'm including samples of some of their songs (about 15 second's apiece) for those who wish to hear them. This will be done later, as I am currently running out of space on my school account.

    As for their live performances, I have never failed to be impressed by them. For example; at their last show at Moe's, Ty played a harmonica (and played it well) on a song called "Party Dreams". It was rad! I had never even imagined he could play an instrument, though if he picks up a tamborine, I'm going to puke (as a side note: the harmonica he was playing was given to him by a transvestite after a Home Alive benefit at the Weathered Wall. I was there that night! I think I'm seeing these guys too much). =)

    Reloaded Very different than WV. Much mellower with a lot less distortion, though I don't think the mixing was done very well, Stone apparently likes vocals more than guitar. Still, it is groovy as all get out. Tracks:

    I was basically correct with the tracks (different order, titles, but the same songs). The jazz instrumental became Space Cocksucker, the punk song became No Favors. The only thing I'm dissapointed about is that they don't have the song on which Ty plays harmonica (Party Dream) on here. Argh! That has got to be one of my favorite songs. Out of all the songs, Los Vargos is most like Wonderful Virus, and my prediction is that T.V. Girl (the third single, after Los Vargos and Dizzy) will be the big hit. Gotta love their A - Em7 variations. =)


    Reviews of Other Projects

    Never heard the Ya Yas, but...

    Calm Down Juanita

    Here's what Ty had to say about the whole EP thing (in a forum somewhere):

    From: ty willman founder of calm down.
    Date Posted: June 30, 1998 at 01:53:52
    Subject: Re: Calm Down Juanita
    Reference: Re: Calm Down Juanita

    >>>This message is to tell everyone about a new project to come out of the pacific northwest called calm down juanita.Calm Down Juanita is a "solo compilation" project featuing members of Pearl Jam, Green Apple Qick Step and Critters Buggin' just to name a few. It was recorded last summer at home on 4 track cassettte and mixed down at a prominent Seattle recording studio to give a "fat" sound. It should be available by summer time, providing we get all of our "business ducks in a row". E-mail any questions/comments. Thanks, see you soon!!!!

    I like Calm Down Juanita. Of course, I'm partial to Ty, his music, and his voice so take it as you will. It's ... kooky, but I dig it. Of the 6 songs, only one (Girlfriend) and the "bonus" track (Touchin Myselfis a throwaway... but the bonus a funny throwaway, like a Jerky Boys thing. I can't believe they did that all on a 4-track cassette. Given my experience with recording, that must have been a BEYATCH. Pick it up if you can find it.

    Other Reviews

  • Loudith Faire
  • Some retard who thinks the second album is called "Loaded" but liked it anyway

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